The D:Audio Back Beat - COMING SOON!

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The D:Audio Back Beat is our top of the line speaker system.

They are compact, two-way bass reflex bookshelf speakers that defy
expectations. They deliver full-range, true-to-source™, sound and pinpoint imaging - bringing the live performance into your home.
  • These speakers are handcrafted from solid wood—the wood we have reclaimed from homes and businesses in Detroit. Wood that can be 70 or more years old.
  • Each speaker proudly bears its Detroit address of origin.
  • The D:Audio Backbeat is our top-of-the-line system with true-to-source™, sound, and a response curve from 45Hz to 20KHz.
  • The building blocks of a superb home music system or home theater, or an upgrade of your current system.
Made From Detroit™, designed and made in Detroit, Michigan, USA