Inside the Riff Speaker

Detroit Audio Lab™ products are built to last, to deliver outstanding sound, and to survive the constant changes in technology. Our batteries are replaceable, and we offer multiple connection options to protect your investment. All electronics are designed with sustainability as the end goal and are compliant with the European Union’s WEEE and RoHS Directives.


Your speaker is constructed of solid wood, salvaged from homes and businesses located in Detroit. The wood in our cabinets is kiln dried to have a consistent moisture content and stability. Each of our products has the address of the home or business where it was reborn from.


The wood is individually selected and hand finished. It then undergoes dozens of finishing steps during construction and assembly. Our finishes are either Tung oil or shellac, both natural and sustainable products. Our gaskets are made of cork, a natural and sustainable sealing material.


Our speakers feature…
  • Multiple connectivity options
  • Enclosures packed with stable, natural insulation, improving bass, tightening midrange and increasing dynamic range
  • Carefully hand-selected wood panels from a Detroit structure
  • Material thickness of 0.75″ or greater
  • Solid wood, aged and dried, offers strength and rigidity to deliver the sound quality you want
  • Custom circuitry, designed and made in Michigan